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  1. 1e2bdc72:

    Kabali is a brilliant movie when you approach it from the standpoint of a commercial-realistic film. It has a very powerful yet simple plot with Rajinikanth figureheading the entire operation. I'm happy that Ranjith decided to finally break the "Superstar" mold and throw out unnecessary punch dialogs, hand motions, and gravity-defying stunts from this movie and stick to the basics. Kabali definitely has a "Madras" feel to it, and displays some of the best acting that Rajini has done in years. If people came into this movie expecting a Sivaji: the Boss or an Enthiran type movie, they would've been disappointed, as this is a more emotional melodramatic portrayal of a Gangster's life. However, if you come in with the notion that this is a return a Rajinikanth 80s-esque script (like Johnny or Mullum Mallarum), you will be more than happy with what Kabali has to offer.

  2. saranya:

    I watched kabali movie. I think We all have more expectation But the movie is Average I doesnt know whether its all because of the hype it created. I enjoyed superstar performance through out the movie especially teaser dialogue Kabali da and "Ketavan sir indha Kabali" . But movie comes under normal category where hero saves people even 1st it involves in saving his daughter.

  3. lvenkit:

    Kabali A Rajini movie althrough. But still lacks pace in the first half. People who know malaysia and the tamil could only connect to the movie. Many characters have tried to touch the malaysian tamilslang. But no body could use their "la" language. Even Thalaivar said to be a third generation malaysian tamil in movie never uses that slang. Though story moved around Malaysia camera is stuck only at Times square. A good number of cast From Ranjith school like Dinesh Kalayarasan and Madras fame pair of kalayarasn Nasser Sangili murugan etc. But Johnbritto steals the show. Where is Radhika Apte of hollywood. Ranjith punishes her with colorful sarees in all frames. Next question comes where is Ranjith of Attakathi and Madras. JOINS THE MISSING LIST. A Director who gave a wonderful movie of a WALL in Madras is fully confused. What is the school run by kabali for? An inmate takes drug in the premises. The inmate goes wayward in streets for drug and even betrays Kabali. Only Radhika Apte jo

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