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  1. suresh:

    Movie clearly shows the clever marketing strategy used by big companies to cheat people and sell their product and how they use the ignorance of people to make profit Siva acting has been improved a lot. Along with siva prakash raj, sneha, thambi ramaiya done a great job. karuthavelam galijam song is too good to watch in big screen, big round of applause for anirudh. Scene comparing MNC with gangster is a stand out. Moreover lady super star did not get much screen space. At the end few people switched on their mobile torch to show their support, I heared it happened in many other shows also.

  2. jitheshkumar:

    Velaikaran has good social message. Hero arivu works for food MNC and He fights against the adulteration of his company. Movie carry a good message showing how cheap MNCs can go for making money. Comedy doesnt travel through out the film like other siva movies. Rj balaji, Robo, sathish done decent job. Movie have good but all got well very less screen space.
    Romance scenes with nayan is very less but she look too good in this movie. 1st half went good along with the good songs but 2nd half is bit lengthy and boring even with powerful dailogue. Not as expected, few scenes are too good but it doesnt add more value to overall rating could watch for siva acting and good message.

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