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  1. vasanthriderz01:

    I am a Normal movie fan. The way ajith say Therika vidalama is really great. But silla yedathula thonda kettuna madhiri oru feel. And Ajith change is performance infront of his sister like Ambi thats suits him. Shruthi semma glamour. Aaluma Doluma semma kuthu.

  2. ashwinbestnworld:

    Thala fans will really enjoy this movie. Thala Ajith acting is damm good. But normal movie fans might feel very un-realistic fight scenes. Before interval part is very loud to hear. Climax is awesome. Soori comedy is not up to the mark. Simple old style story with pakka thala mass.

  3. aslam_md2007:

    fantastic movie.................... Thala Deepavali............. vedhalam saravedi.................. non stop kondattam

  4. velmuruganzz:

    Mass entertainer. Complete thala mass with humor in 1st half and sister seintement in 2nd half. ThalaMass.

  5. jitheshkumarr:

    Vedalam after a average album the story also average. 1st half s good. Predictable secenes director Siva failed to carry out the momentum. But its a treat for thala fans on diwali.

  6. vimalamron:

    Semma movie. Very fast screenplay like rajdani express. Awesome characters. Tired a real fight expiernece. No unwanted songs No boring.

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