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Thoongavanam Fans/ Audience Review

  1. teens_scorpio:

    There is no story..they have elaborated a small incident for 2 hrs. Not bad.

  2. arunkumar91:

    I felt very boring and just waiting when movie will get over bcoz entire movie happens around a pub. Kamal go here & there to investigate some scenes are interesting.

  3. vimalamron:

    Semma movie. Very fast screenplay like rajdani express. Awesome characters. Tired a real fight expiernece. No unwanted songs No boring.

  4. jitheshkumarr:

    Thoongavam a remake of sleepless night is good with kamal. Average plot with thrilling screenplay. Story mainly abt a investigating a crime scene. Kudos to cast. Prakash raj, Trisha r awesome. BGM theri. Very interesting movie but if u have seen sleepless night it doesn't match up with it.

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