Thiruttuppayale 2 Movie Review

Fans/ Audience review of movie Thiruttuppayale 2. Reviews collected from social media i.e Twitter Review of Thiruttuppayale 2.

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Thiruttuppayale 2 Fans/ Audience Review

  1. saranya:

    How people r addictive to social media and how few misuse the social media is the main plot of the revolve around Bobby simha, prasanna, Amala Paul. Prasanna acting is too good. Amala Paul s very glamour in few scenes. How Bobby identify a threat coming to his wife Amala and how they overcome that is the rest of movie. Climax s not convincing. Songs r completely misplaced which make screenplay little slow. Overall average movie with good message which youngster can relate easily. Don't be addictive to social media.

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