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Thirunaal Fans/ Audience Review

  1. saranya:

    I felt this story follow very old cinema template where hero falls in love with a girl and fights villain. Jeeva works for Naga as a rowdy. Very aggressive acting from the hero as blade and movie also little bit blade. Karunas scenes are not linking with the movie itself. Small kid giving lip kiss for Nayan are too much. Pazhaya Soru song awesome. Maybe most of them will think even to download thirunaal movie. Jeeva and nayantra acting suits well and very natural. Tamilselvanum thaniyar anjalum got good reviews when compared to thirunaal reviews. Somebody plz write Namadhu movie reviews.

  2. suresh:

    Thirunaal review- It is a gangster subject. Blade (jiva) is rowdy who works for his boss. Romantic scenes between nayan & jiva are too good. Rural backdrop is pleasant to watch. Nayan steals the show by her perfomance. But rowdy loving nayan is unrealistic which usually happens in movies easily. Jiva character doesn't have much in this screenplay but few dialogues he got are very good. Neeya Naana Gopinath comes as a encounter specialist which didn't work out as expected. Cons: Predictable story, No connection between few scenes, dragging screenplay. Overall thirunaal is a romba summar aana nal. Better watch someother movie not worth for 120.

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