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  1. happyvara:

    Vijay perfomance was theriii in this movie along with that kid. Movie concept is similar to chathiriyan. Very much disappointed with director atlee bcoz of very very simple script. sentimental scenes are worked out good.Rather Vijay If someone have done this movies it would be flop. Average movie. Theri movie conveyed a good message that parents are responsible to make a person criminal or good. We expected more twist in the story but a old story with atlee's good screenplay. Many scenes made a tears in my eyes but there was pin drop silent wen samantha was shot to death.

  2. jitheshkumar:

    Vijay and Nainika chemistry semma. Samantha got good screen space- Sentimental and romantic scenes between samantha & Vijay are worked good. Mahendran as villain did his best. Scenes between hero and villain are really theri. Amy Jackson as a teacher of Nainika comes in decent role. Vijay telling twinkle twinkle rhymes scenes is awesome. Only disadvantage is No good twists average screenplay but movie has good message.

  3. suresh:

    Theri Review- Mass movie where a cop take revenge after his family getting attacked. With complete mass and humor of vijay. As usual Illayathalapathy dance is awesome. Movie mainly convey women safety message. Scenes between Vijay and Nainika are too good pakka emotional. Normal story but become mass with Vijay. Mass therika therika Theri. Enjoy the movie in theater.

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