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Thani Oruvan Fans/ Audience Review

  1. krishnankzz44:

    From the very beginning to end the movie doesnt slow down anywhere. A good film to watch in theater. Jeyam ravie, His friends, ArvindSwamy, Thambi ramiah and Nayanthra role are damn good. Very interesting screenplay by Raja. Worth for 120Rs. Jeyam ravi friend been killed by vilain is very emotional. Good twist wherever necessary.

  2. sivakannan94:

    Thani good movie. Fight between two brilliant person one do good thing another bad. Obviously good one that s hero will win. But how we win is the main story. Good story. Romantic scenes also good.

  3. jitheshkumar:

    Whenever jeyam brother join together they see a success. They have done five films together. Jeyam ravi plays a IPS role. The game between hero and aravind swamy is the main story. Nayanthra romantic scenes awesome and proposal scene good. Thambi ramiah added the fun part.Long runtime close to 2hr 30min. Overall good story. Watchable in theatre.

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