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Thangamagan Fans/ Audience Review

  1. velrajrockzz:

    Movie la onnum illa 1st half paravala goes good with few comedy scenes overal mokka story .. no hard work from anyone ...just like that they have done a movie .. not worth to see ..wait & watch in tv for this pongal..

  2. Krishnakumar1:

    Thangamagan movie starts well with good romance sequences b/w amy & DHanush & Humor with sathish But director velraj did not keep up the pace in the 2nd half. 2nd with complete action and samantha done her part pretty good. Its about the middle class man wins the corrupted business man. Sentiment secens are good with KS Ravikumar and Radhika. Average movie with usual story. complete family film. BGM not so good.

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