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  1. mahesh.mas07:

    After Coming out of theater felt ok ok abt the movie. Doctor heroine loving a VIP hero only happens in cinema. But cant able to tolerate few mokka romantic scene. Siva also comes in a old man getup for a scene thats totally good. And Sathish double meaning jokes, yogi counter are good, motta rejendran doens't have much dialogue but good. Heroine got engaged after that siva approaches here So the core story itself very dramatic Which I did not like. Because of dramatic proposal Heroine starts to like siva which is too pathetic. Pre climax scene is good where siva removes his nurse getup for kid. Just with Promo and Business hero Siva they got a huge crowd and Won. Not sure abt the 120 rs of audience. If u just want a entertainer go for it, If a quality movie do not go.

  2. jitheshkumar:

    Remo Review- Siva Karthickeyan really tired hard and growing in each films. Especially the look and dance are too good in this movie. Yogi babu role is good but only few scenes. Siva combo with sathish and Rajendran is good. Kirthi looks good and charming, as a character doesnt have much scope. More than a story siva wants to try a different role this time I guess So in this romantic character only his looks have been taken care. Siva as Nurse in a lady make over rocks. Another biggest plus point is Anirudh music After audio release itself it created a great impact And with visual its too good on screen. Overall a normal story first half goes good Whereas 2nd half have lot of romantic scenes which test for patience . Pakka commercial Watchable just one time 2.7 out 5. Will be updating Devi review soon.

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