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Purampokku Fans/ Audience Review

  1. ndeepak1993:

    Screenplay is slow not as expected. Don't carry away by the name of the movie, since the Name doesn't even match with the plot of the story. Arya is a communist who was given death punishment in the supreme court. Vijay sethupathy is the hang man in the movie. Movie goes on where arya team will try to escape from jail. At last arya died or escaped from jail by the plan of his team.? Thats the story of Purambokku.

  2. jitheshkumar22:

    vijaysethupathi is too good in this movie. SHam as action cop konjam over. Good message but it seems that arya does not suits the character. How balu(arya) escape is the highlight in the story.

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