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Pugazh Fans/ Audience Review

  1. suresh:

    Pugazh movie is about gang of frnds who use a play ground which later being occupied by politics and the grp fights against them. Jai role is super He would accepted the movie bcoz of the role but he also should look at the entire story line. RJ Balaji would ve done better and actress surabhi got very less screen space. Karunas done is best. Overall pugazh review is average. Some feels even the pugal movie concept is similar to madras movie whereas they fight for a wall.

  2. jitheshkumar:

    Pugazh review- Movie is about hero who fights for justice. 1st half is good and slow screenplay in 2nd half. Not a thrilling political drama but few bold dialogues are damn good. Jai Karunas villain-Marimuthu Rj balaji played a good role. But a small grp of youngster engaging in politics & getting success is un-real but the message is really good hats off. Runtime is around 2hr Worth to watch.

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