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Pichaikaran Fans/ Audience Review

  1. kumaresh.arun93:

    Thats four in a row for vijay antoy he always chooses the story which different.Pichaikaran is a perfect family entertainer

  2. anoshk84:

    It's a superb movie .... Please support good acting and good story and Vijay antony acting we liked it lot ... you are meant be hero .... love you sir and director sasi sir really a very good story line it's totally a very good movie according to me movie shd be rated at least 4/5... its not about big and small star it's about appreciation for good work shd be equal and hats off to the pichaikaran crew and cast each and every one last but not least love u santa titus u look amazing very beautiful same like my dream girl love u santa ...

  3. jitheshkumar:

    Good story. Hats off to director sasi.. Good message has been shown in few scenes casually. Director showed the troubles faced by normal pichaikaran. Vijay antony movie selection r different and good.. bold attempt. Sentimental. Worth to watch for story.

  4. suresh:

    VIjay Antony is show as a rich person and also as a poor person so mainly this movie titled as pichaikaran. But how we became a pichaikaran shld be been shown in detail. Hero acting improved when compared to his previous movie.. Movie have lot of bad characters but with unnecessary scenes..good story line but average to see. No detail in most of the scenes.

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