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Peigal jaakirathai Fans/ Audience Review

  1. pradeesh:

    I expected more comedy from this movie. But comedy doesnt work out well. Even rajendran comes for 3 or 4 scenes. Waste of watching. Climax concept is good.

  2. Rameshrozk:

    Movie starts with thambi ramaiah. It seems thambi ramaiah is a hero of this movie. Heroine just comes for songs. Without proper story they proceeded just with popular tag horror comedy which is successful in recent times. BGM is too bad. Good attempt from fresh team.

  3. jitheskumar11:

    You wont get scared even in single scene. Bad CG, RR. Only the climax is good. Even comedy has not worked that much in this movie. MOtta Rajendran did not get much screen space only hero and thambi ramaiah travel through out the movie.

  4. velmuruganranz:

    Hero family who dies in a accident turns to be ghost and follow hero. ANother horror comedy movie. Director have carried a suspense through out the movie. Motta rajendran, thambi ramaiah rocks usual. Movie revolve around the question whether ghost exists or not

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