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Mersal Fans/ Audience Review

  1. jitheshkumar:

    Good message at climax Vijay boldly talk abt gst and other issues. But overall as a movie, content is very week. Vijay can give chance to other director who ve good story rather concentrating in politics. Father Vijay character is too good and interval block scene is good noting more. Other than Vijay only sj surya and nithya Menon got some scope.

  2. suresh:

    Overall average movie. Story is very week & very predictable. Even small movie comes with very good story. Still Atlee copying from old movies .1st half semma sodhapal, 3 songs comes in 1st half which s not at all required. Only thing made the movie watchable is the issue they took in this movie and Vijay. Over mgr reference.

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