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Kavan Fans/ Audience Review

  1. suresh:

    Good commercial movie with good message. Movie is completely entertaining and engaging, Movies goes around tilak- vijay sethupathi. This movie reveals how media generate money by doing cheap things. We can easily engage with the movie bcoz it shows the recent happening in chennai like youngster protest and how media cover rape victim for sensation. Modanna was pretty and comes throughout the movie. Vikranth character his too good and powerful dialogues. I dont want to reveal entire plot and twist. Go watch it

  2. jitheshkumar:

    Kavan worth to watch.. Vijay sethupathi performance is too good, in the beginning he comes as a youngster with not responsibility who enjoy his life. And he turn to be responsible person who fought against a problem. Once again a good movie from K V Anand. TR, Vikranth, Madonna, Jagan all contribution and good and neat. Boomerang song is rocks in the screen.

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