Inji iduppazhagi Movie Review

Fans/ Audience review of movie Inji iduppazhagi. Reviews collected from social media i.e Twitter Review of Inji iduppazhagi.

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Inji iduppazhagi Fans/ Audience Review

  1. vimalamron:

    A women centric story. Director is very careful in his story. Without un necessary fun scenes of fat women he carried the screenplay. Be who u r dont change for anyone. Hamr caused by instant weight loss shown in nice way. Anushaka character is damn good. Arya looks very handsome. Prakash Raj, uravasi char r good rest of the cast is bad. different story which may attract few & may not.

  2. velmuruganzz:

    Movie is all about a women who reduce her weight & get ready for her marriage. So the message s accept the way u look. Cast is bad since it dubbed it doesnt semma to have Tamil falvour. 2nd is boring very scenematic dialgoues. Rather Anushka hard work nothing is too good.

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