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  1. siva. sathish:

    Again chiyan vickram proves himself as the best... AR Rahman music and songs superb... Has to reduce the duration of second half..

  2. funmaster:

    kaththi fun part- during coin fight no one switch their mobile camera. Map completely a copy scene

  3. saravanarockz78:

    Normal love story and hero taking revenge in 2nd half .. Great acting from vikram. Transgender character is shown in a bad way right from the intro. vikram fighting with 100's of gym boys is totally unacceptable. Amy awesome.

  4. 11sarathkmr:

    Only Visuals and Vickram plus point other than that ordinary story

  5. sivakannankarthick:

    I wish They should have concentrated more in Screenplay part.... Otherwise Movie is Such A Piece Of Art (Y) !!!

  6. arunkumaresh1993:

    i-once again chiyaan vikram proves that he is one of the best actor in the tamil cinema but however slow screenplay and common revenge story which we would seen past tamil movies weakens the movie but movie is one time watchable for vikram acting and songs

  7. nandutrendy:

    Awesome can watch for the colorful background and for vikrams effort

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