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Chennai 28 2nd Innings Fans/ Audience Review

  1. mahesh.mas07:

    Normal movie which wont bore. Only songs and romance scene between jai and his pair seems un-wanted that should have been avoided. Chennai 28 part 1 will be very real and that is the reason for success Whereas in part 2 the reality fell is missing. Bgm of part 1 isused in many places. So this movie doesnt have any trade mark bgms. VP gave chance to online reviewers to act in this movie that is the main reason movie got above 3 rating everywhere i guess. Worth for 2.9 Good entertainer but cant beat part 1.

  2. jitheshkumar:

    Venkat prabhu cleverly made the screenplay which is the big plus for this movie. Few dialogues or humor scenes seems to be copied but it placed in the right place in this movie. We enjoyed seeing these boys in part 1 Now they enjoy as men and how cricket play a important role in their and the love towards the sports. Even female characters got the pretty good screen place. Repetitive drinking scenes should ve been avoided. Siva rocks with his one line punches other side vaibhav rocks as villain, gopi once again rocks as commentator, everyone did their best. The way suspense maintained and climax or good.

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