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Baahubali Fans/ Audience Review

  1. ravi.kolkata88:

    One of the best movie I ever saw. Liked the special effects & scenes which director used. I must say this movie is well competitor of Hollywood movies and it shows the power of Bollywood that we can also direct such types of movies. It was one of the best movies of my life , will love to see such types of movies in future as well.

  2. krishnankzz44:

    I saw this movie with my freinds they told that the movie doent have any story.Actually the entire Baahubali story is very long which cannot be completed in one part. So let wait for 2nd part. Movie is worth to watch. I have not seen this kind of visuals. Great work from the art director Sabu cyril. Tamannaah Ramya Krishnan Sathyaraj role are good whereas Nassar Anushka Shetty doent have much scope.

  3. jitheshkumar22:

    Since the movie is from the Director Rajamouli the expectation is at the peak.THe visual is totally awesome. The CG of war, Castle, mountain, waterfall, caves are just mind blowing. Tamannaah plays few action scenes she beautiful as always. Storyline is not strong for this movie but the drirector gave us a new experience. 1st half goes without any wow factor. battle scenes is really good in 2nd half. Surely this movie is milestone in film industry.

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