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  1. ashokm488:

    Ambala,complete family entertainer with comdey, love, family drama..in sundar c movie, there will be maximum expectation for comdey,santhanam given usual rocking performance..vishal acting was superb but the fight seen should had been little realistic.. Worth watching movie once.

  2. k.jp0292:

    Aambala is a commercial movie with some family relevant shows! Vishal’s father Prabhu has three sisters and his dad want’s him to get married to one of his sister’s daughter. The Entire story revolves between the Brother in law and his three Aunts. Hansika is one of the aunt’s daughter. Does vishal marry his Aunt’s daughter? Will hansika and vishal love eachother? If he loves then how he will convince the other two aunties ? Forms the rest of the story line. What is Good : Chemistry between Vishal and Hansika Songs, and Visuals. Santhanam What is Bad : Over sentiment scenes Screenplay was little lag.

  3. harishraj44:

    Watched Ambala A usual sundar c movie , packed with comedies action and a family drama with love life . Santhanam rocked usual c, certain scenes of vishal looks like vijayaganth but for a commercial movie you should not a analyse the stories. If you got bored just have a watch for timepass . Overall good entertainer.

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