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  1. kumaresh.arun93:

    Average movie. Scenes with samanth are very boring. Movies start directly from main story as some one said but Its very boring with repeated scenes which happens between present surya and samanth where he try to impress samanth. So the 1st half is complete BORE. 2nd half was good with few notable twists. Suriya given his best. saranya and samanth also got a good screen space. INDRU netru nalai time travel movies have followed the time travel concept properly. Few scenes are really impress us like pausing the rain scene and atheriyan jumping out of train thinking that as bomb.

  2. mohamednizar23:

    24 create a new vision of Tamil cinema. Some village people cannot understand. But its surya film ...... ........AL the best

  3. ashbestindworld:

    Surya's best performance so far. This story is all about a time watch invented by him (Sethuraman in movie) and wants to be owned by his evil brother Athreya. Athreya ends up killing Sethuraman and his wife Priya (Nithya menon) and before dying sethuraman hands over his baby Manikandan to Sathyabama (Saranya) and Athreya jumps off a train thinking sethuraman made a bomb before he died which puts him in coma for 26 years. And the story goes 26 years later where Mani is all grown up and how nature gets him the key for time watch and how he meets up Sathya(Samantha). He uses the timewatch frequently to impress samantha and one day Athreya in coma wakes up due to an fire accident in his hospital and doctors come to know he's totally parlysed. Later he finds Mani and fools him by acting like his dad to make him re-invent the watch with a timer dail as it could only be used to travel 24 hours before or ahead current time. After Athreya using his evil ways escapes without getting busted makes

  4. suresh:

    One of the most important movie in surya's carrier. He is perfomed damn awesome in 24 movie. Athreya character is more good. And director his given all his best there was twist everywhere. twist inside in climax. Story revolves around a watch. CG and visual effects are good and added advantage for this movie along with rahaman's bgm and song. Hard word of each and every person his visible. I give 4/5 for this movie

  5. jitheshkumar:

    24 Movie review. I went to this movie bcoz it is a sci fci and time travel based story. Suriya play 3 different character in this movie. Movie starts directly with main story in the very beginning itself like a Hollywood movie. Brilliant screenplay few scenes are like sitting in a mathematical class. CGs are done perfectly particularly in action scenes. Overall 24 is worth to watch. Dont check for 24 review its really worth. ARR bgm was awesome. Samanth, saranya, Nithya menon every played good role.

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