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Comparison between papanasam and vishwaroopam Movies

Below is the one on one comparison between papanasam and vishwaroopam . Compare movies papanasam vs vishwaroopam to know which is good. Movies are compared mainly based on Film Rating, Reviews, Box office collection, Budget and Number of peoples interested to watch the movie.Other information such as Runtime, Director, Star casting, Music Director and Producer is also present. Here comes papanasam vs vishwaroopam. Which stand in papanasam vs vishwaroopam comparison And Know which is best to watch by comparison.

papanasam vs vishwaroopam

Vishwaroopam Movie
Main Role : Kamal Haasan
Release Date : 25-01-2013
Vishwaroopam Rating : 3.2

Total Votes :
Director : Kamal_Haasan
Starring : Rahul Bose, Pooja Kumar, Andrea Jeremiah ,Jaideep Ahlawat
Vishwaroopam Reviews

Producer:Kamal Haasan

Cinematopraher:Sanu Varghese

run time:149 minutes

Budget:₹ 950 million

Box office:₹ 2.2 billion

Papanasam Movie
Main Role : Kamal Haasan
Release Date : 03-07-2015
Papanasam Rating : 3.9

Total Votes :
Director : Jeethu_Joseph
Starring : Kamal Haasan, Gautami, Delhi Ganeshm Kalabhavan Mani, Asha Sarath, Niveda Thomas, Baby Esther, Anant Mahadevan
Papanasam Reviews

Producer: Suresh Balaje

Production company: Wide Angle Creations and RajKumar Theatres Pvt Ltd

Cinematographer: Sujith Vaassudev

Editor: Ayoob Khan


Above comparison between papanasam and vishwaroopam is based on rating and review of both movies. User comes to an inference based on info We display for papanasam Vs vishwaroopam. Which is good? comment below.

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