Trisha ilana nayanthara movie-review

After darling movie, Gv Praksash acting as hero in Trisha Illana Nayanthara movie. This movie title is so differnt and humorous. We can guess this is comedy film by seeing the title itself. But trisha nor nayanthara is not acting in this film, but Priya anand and Arya coming as cameo.  Gv. Prakash, Anandi, Simran and manishaplays a leading role. After small gap time simran is back.

Asusual Gv Prakash composed music  for his new movie Trisha ilana nayanthara. Music comes out so well. Trisha illana nayanthara movie is an comedy and romantic film. Expectation is more. for the first time GV and anadi acting together.trisha-illana-nayantharaDarling movie is not come out well has expected. Let see how this Trisha illana nayanthara movie gonna rock. GV Prakash’s next movie is pencil. Shooting is in progress. In pencil movie also GV.Prakash composed music.  Now Gv is rocking in both music and acting. Let see how this movie gonna come out.

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