Movie releasing on 27-11-2015

Injiedupazhagi is an upcoming Tamil movie, directed by Prakash kovelamudi. The film features Anushka shetty and Aarya in the lead roles. Injiedupazhagi is an romantic comedy film. The concept is, how the womens are dominated and avoided by the society, when they doesn’t maintain proper physical body. This concept is really new to the cinema. So everyone go and enjoy in theatre. Injieduppazhagi is releasing throughout the world on 27th November, 2015. Wait and enjoy with your family and friends.


144 is also an upcoming Tamil movie, directed by Manikandan and produced by CV.Kumar. Shiva, Ashok selvan, oviya and Shruthi Ramakrishnan doing leading role in 144 movie. This 144 movie is also releasing on November 27, 2015.

Valiba Raja is an Tamil comedy film of Santhanam and sethu. After Kanna Ladduthinn Assaiya ┬ámovie Santhanam and sethu working together in this movie. Valiba Raja is also releasing on the same date 27-11-2015. On the same date Karaiyorom and Uppu Karuvadu movie is also releasing. Let’s see which movie is going to be the best of all these movies.


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