Vikaram in Irumugam movie

Irumugam is an upcoming Tamil movie ,Vikram is the lead role in Irumugam. The title itself tells that, Vikram doing dual role in this movie. For the first time he is acting with Nayanthara and Nithya menon, so audience are so excited about that, they are also expecting so much from them.

Vikram’s main role in Iru Mugam:

Mainly Vikram’s one main role in this movie is “he is an gay”. Previously he gave so many new character in his movies like Pithamagan, Theivathirumagal, Kasi, i, and now Irumugam movie. None of the actor often tried to act as an Gay, but vikram shortly did the same getup in Kanthaswamy movie just for one scene, but he got huge response from the public and he did the best in those scenes.


Even though he was acted as gay in Kanthaswamy movie, he didn’t gave so much importance to that character in that movie. But in Irumugam movie, Vikram gave so much importatnt to that role and he met some of the Aravani people and he observed their dressing sense, their way of speaking, their occupation and how they are facing problems in this society. This would be the main concept of the movie. Vikram has been working so hard for the movie because he wanted to give the reality what he observed from thesociety, he is so particular in giving the best to the audience. Hope the movie will hit the screen, everyone are so excited about Irumugam movie.  The movie was expected to release on September 5th, 2016

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