Vijay’s Ultimate change in his 60th movie

Vijay was in shooting for his Upcoming 60th movie, but the release date has not been conformed yet. In is 60th movie Vijay made so many innovative ideas to satisfy the audience. He his very much particular in giving so many new scripts, Lets see what all the other changes he was trying in his 60th movie.

Vijay’s Hard work and Innovative ideas:

Actor Vijay will be always particularly think about his audience before doing any movie, his only motive is to make audience to enjoy in theaters. For that Vijay worked hard in all the movie. And also before starting the shooting he will be very clear in his script and story of the movie. So Vijay will instruct his co-actor and Director to tell and understand the story by scripts by scripts. He always have the audience in his mind before doing any scenes, if the scripts has any mistakes or anything Vijay will correct it and change the scenes according to audience wish. In his 60th upcoming movie Vijay gave so many innovative ideas to Director. Vijay’s ultimate change for his upcoming 60th movie made Director so impressive.


In that way, Vijay’s 60th movie is based on Village story but Vijay strictly wants one City hero character, so director changes two village guys character to one village hero and another based on city hero. And also Vijay wants two best songs so Vijay could show his dance talent and he wants the audience to dance and enjoy for the songs. And then, Santhosh Narayanan composed melody songs in Vijay’s 60th movie and Vijay was so happy after hearing those songs. Vijay gave so much of efforts in his upcoming movie. Lets see how his movie gonna hit the screen.

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