Unnodu Ka Oothati Oothati small kids video song

Unnoda Ka movie have one kids song which came out too good in Sathya’s composing and Madhan Karky Lyrics. Lyrics is fresh and New and the way they made the kid to sing the song is different and very cute which made many of them to like the song. Watch Unnodu Ka Oothati Oothati small kids video song online. Kirukka song also good in this movie but “Oothe Oothati Oothati” song in Unnodu Ka Movie is totally different.

Unnodu Ka Oothati Oothati small kids video song

Usually Kids songs should have to be taken care to attract all kinds of audience. Most of the kids songs like son and dad and dad with daughter are already super hit in Tamil movies. This song is some what similar to Veyil movie songs veyilodu vilayadu where the kids used to play and enjoy through out the song and with some small story in the song.

Above is the cut version of Oothe song. Full song will be uploaded here soon. Watch the promo of this song in youtube.

Lyrics Concept- Unnodu Ka Song:

Cock and chicken escape out the village is the main concept of Oothe Song in Unnoda Ka (kids song). And the chicken cant make “Ra” sound So it will be replaced with “Tha” sound in the entire song. Its very cute the way the kid sing this song.

Sathya is the Music director of  Unnodu Ka movie. Composing is good in this movie especially this kids song rockzz. check Movie Tet Movie Review site to check review for this movie. Movie Might be hit or not But songs are definitely hit. Unnodu ka o0othe Video song concept explained by madhan Karkey watch here.

Unnodu Ka Tacklist:

Unnodu Ka Oothati Oothati small kids video song


Oodhe (Kids song)

Rathinam Suthudhu


Last two song does not work out well But first two songs are Pakka.

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