Here is the list of top 10 Tamil serials of 2015.  Top Trp rating of Tamil serials in 2015. Below list contain the best Tamil serials based on its trp, audience rating, serial actors performance and successful episodes passed. Must watch famous Top ten Tamil series in different channels. Top 5 tamil serials.

List of Top 10 Tamil Serials in 2015

Each tv series with description and short review.

1.NADASVARAM Tamil serial
It is one of the best serials in tamil. Viewers are more and more compared to other serials. Directed by Thirumurugan,his serial metti oli is also a famous serial. This nadasvaram is most interested story about join families.this serial has been started at 2010 and moreover it gonna reach 5 years of episode.It is telecasted in sun tv from monday to saturdayy at 7:30pm.And the importan thing is that,directed got THE GUINNESS RECORD on march 5th 2014 by directing 23 minutes and 25 seconds long live telecast at single shot in the 100th episode.Thirumurugan is also acting in this serial as gopi. gopi advices all people and he will do anything for his family, he wants to make all of them happy.He is a simple man.Totally it has reached 1312 episodes.

NADASVARAM - Top tamil serial
2.SINDHU BAIRAVI Tamil serial
Directed by ketan dubey.This is also started at 2010.Serial theme is about two friends.sindhu is maid’s daughter and bairavi is richest girl.this serial is dubbing story from is telecasted in Raj tv in week days at 7pm.from small chidren to old ladies all will love to watch this serial.sindu is playing is important role.She is a simple girl who loves babies and she will help others. Bairavi is her owner and she dont like sindu because everyone likes her.

SINDHU BAIRAVI - Top tamil serial
3.THAIVAM THANTHA VEEDU Tamil Series vijay tv
This is a remake of saath nibhanna saathiyaa.directed by nagiah suseendaran.Sudha chandar is heroine in this serial as chitra devi chakravarti the head of the family.Megna as seetha ramkumar.The story is about two cousins who live together after their marriage.two cousins are seetha and priya.Setha is innocent and she will do all works what priya is ordering her but chitra devi don’t like that.Priya is greedy as her mother banumathi.this is quite interesting about the family and fight between daughter-in-law and of the best serial in tamil.this story brings the moral of being in join families without any problems and also reveals the understanding between the womans are interested to watch such serials.

THAIVAM THANTHA VEEDU top tamil serial
it is dirwected by four directors and currently directing by A.Ramachandran and produced by Radaan mediaworks.Created by Radhika Sarathkumar and she also playing an important role in this serial.Double acting by herin this serial,as twinsister Vani and rani.Most of the serials acted by Radhika, increses the viewers by her acting and the stories.It is also the one of best srials.Story is written by Pa.Raghavan.Main theme of this story is about vani want to become great lawyer so rani sacrifies her Education so that manikkam will make vani a lawyer.It is telecasted in sun tv from monday to saturday.

Vani Rani top tamil serial
It is world famous serial,because it is also estabilshed in srilanka channel sakthi tv.Directed by Arulrai.Country of origin was India.Main character acting by Raqmya krishnan as Sakthi.this serial is dubbed in telugu as kutumbam on Gemini tv.this series got many awards in sun kudubam awards.Seema got Best sister award by doing thangammal role.Lakshmi sarathy won Best comedian female award doing Ramamani role.

Top 10 tamil serail 2015- Vamsam

Top 5 tamil serials

Thendral is tamil drama serial directed by S.Kumaran.Shruthi raj,hemalatha,deepak dinakar playing main roles in this series.Thema is about womens struggling in middle class family and to continue her education.It is the one of the best seria in sun tv,and had the highest TRP in tamil series.It is dubbed in telugu as Sravani Subramanyam.Got many awards.No. of episodes was 1340.

tamil serial top of 2015
7.Ullm kollai poguthada
Directed by Muzammil desai and Shail sharma.It is dubbed from hindi series Bade Acche Lagte Haine.This serial theme is about two characters Ram Priya,they both get married becase of their family situation.After marriage they both,fell in love each other.Opening theme is sung by sweatha mohan.

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In season 1 Radio mirchi rj SEnthil,sreeja,kuyili,raj sekar playing main role in this serial.sreeja and senthil won best actor and actress award in vijay awards 014.Directed by Azhagar,ramkumar dass.This serial was awarded as Best seiral.the story is about Saravanan and meenatchi loves.And how they got marrried by facing many problems.
In season 2 their son sakthi saravanan and his uncle’s daughter meenatchi will love each other but because of some problem they can’t get marry so his brother vettaiyan and meenatchi will get married.this is telecasted in vijay tv.

SARAVANAN MEENACKSHI top 10 tamiil serialsdownload (4)
Directed by S Kumaran.Krishna and Vani bhoja is main characters.It is remde in telugu series as Jabilamma in gemini channel.In malayalam channel it is dubbed as Bhagya lakshmi on surya tv and also in kannada channel as chandra chakori in udaya tv. In srilanka tamil channel also it is telecasted in sakthi tv.Theme is about how woman face heir own problems.

Top Trp rating of Tamil serials in 2015
10.Chandralekha series
It is story of two girls chandra and lekha.Meena gives birth to lekha and vasunthara gives birth to chandra. The main twist is while giving birth to them in hospital, meena gets chandra as her child and vasunthara will get lekha bt mistake but no one know this expect meena.This show is produced by SAREGAMA.One of bestest serial in tamil.

list of top 10 Tamil serials of 2015

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