Theri vs 24 movie- Theri Rating and Theri Review

Our Vijay movie Theri is upto release on April 14th and actor Surya’s 24 movie is also going to release on May 6th 2016. check out Theri review and Theri rating here.Movies compared based on the rating and 1st day box office collection of Theri and 24 movie. Theri and 24 movie are totally having an different concept, lets see what this movies is about:

Theri vs 24 :

Theri Vijay new Tamil movie, after the flop of movie Puli, vijay is back in Theri movie. Theri is directed and produced by Atlee and music is composed by GV Prakash kumar, totally seven songs, each and every songs came out perfect. Theri is totally an different story, vijay is also new for this story. By seeing the trailer we can predict that Theri movie is Vijay happily living with one small girl of age 5 or 6, that little girl was actress Meena’s daughter, this is perfect family concept movie. Samantha and Emy Jackson plays important roles and Vijay and Samantha’s chemistry worked out really good, everyone would enjoy this movie



Theri movie Expectation:

Illayathalapathy Vijay Theri movie got a lot expectation than ever. We can see it from theri online booking where book my show and tickets new websites are getting crashed and it can not handle number of hits. Every theater increasing the number of shows  and all the show for theri 1st day 1st show (FDFS) is getting fulled.

Theri Rating:

MovieTet Rating

24 Rating:

MovieTet Rating for 24 movie.

Where Theri movie is so sentimental story, 24 movie is an fiction thriller movie, both having opposite concept. Surya, Nithya menon and Samantha plays leading role in 24 movie. In 24 movie surya doing three roles: that is surya, surya’s son and villian. 24 movie is mainly about time machine that is in watch type. Surya made that time machine and by using that he will go back to his past and correct his mistakes and come to his present life and 24 movie second half is about what problems surya will face by using that time machine???

Expectation is more for both the movies, because both movies have different cocept. Theri is about the love and affection between the little girl and Joseph (Vijay). And 24 movie is thriller Sci-fic movie, let see which movie going to hit the screen.


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