Tamil movies releasing on 25-03-2016

Below are the list of Tamil movie releasing on 25th March 2016. Expectation is high in Thozha movie, let wait and watch the movie in theater.

Thozha Review aka Thola Review

Thozha is an Tamil upcoming movie, remaked from the french movie The Intouchables. The same movie is also releasing in Telugu as Oopiri movie. The film features Karthi, Thamanah and NagaArjuna in the lead role. Thozha is an Tamil comedy film directed by Vamsi Padipally and produced by Pradsad V Potluri. Thozha movie is releasing on March 25th, 2016 worldwide. Expectation is high because in french Intouchable movie is second best-est movie. Hope movie will be best as expected. Wait and watch the movie in theaters.


Zero movie is an Horror movie written and directed by ArunKumar and produced by Balaji Kappa. Zero movie is releasing on March 25th, 2016. The film features Ashwin Kakumanu, Sshivada, J.D. Chakravarthi, Ravi Ragavendra in the leading role. Music composed by Nivas K. Prasanna, movie came out good for Zero horror movie, everyone enjoy the movie with awesome Bgm.



Vaaliba Raja Review

Vaaliba Raja movie- complete comedy package movie, the film features Santhanam, sethu in the leading role. Already Sethu and Santhanam combination in Laddu thinna asaiya movie came out really good, hope in Vaaliba raja also their combination will come out good. Vaaliba raja was planned to release on 1st January, but it was delayed because the title was changed wrongly as Valeba raja. Wait and watch it on 25-06-2016 in theaters.


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