Sivakarthikeyan in lady getup Simran to Nayanthara look

Sivakarthikeyan is acting in his upcoming movie Remo with Keerthi suresh in main role. In Remo movie, Sivakarthikeyan is acting in Lady getup in some scenes. He inspired Nayanthara in his Lady getup for his upcoming movie Remo for some scenes. Sivakarthickeyan as Remo with New look. check out the images (pictures) of Siva in Remo. Read the below content to get more information.

Sivakarthikeyan in lady getup:

Remo is an upcoming Tamil comedy film directed by Bhagyaraj Kanan. The film features Sivakarthikeyan, Keerthi Suresh and Sathish in the leading role. In Remo movie, Sivakarthikeyan acting in Lady getup in some scenes. In one interview he said that, ”In Remo movie I inspired Nayanthara in lady getup because to attract all his audience. And also I did so many comedy scenes and delivered so many comedy dialogues, but lady getup is the one i never tried so far in any movie, and main thing is I don’t want to repeat any of my comedy again and again, so i gave my new concept in Remo movie”.

ajitih1SivaKarthikeyan as Remo IT guy in upcoming movie :

Sivakarthikeyan did so many comedy films but only few movies came out so good as expected. His previous movie Rajini murugan was also an comedy film but it didn’t receive any positive response from the public because in Rajini Murugan movie there is no any new comedy scenes interestingly. Only few of his movies are Block buster hit. So Sivakarthikeyan planned to give some new concept and variety of dialogues  in all his upcoming movies. To give something new to all his audience in his new upcoming movie Remo, he acted in Lady getup to attract all the audience. Lets wait and see how this movie gonna come out, wait and watch it out in theatres.

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