Ajith fans & Vijay fans Neeya Naana on Pongal

Neeya naana is a reality debate show, it is regularly telecasting in Vijay TV on sun-days. This pongal special [15-01-2016 jan15] debate show is about the topic Vijay fans and Ajith fans. The topic is really interesting, because everyone like to talk and gossips about actor or actress. For the first time the reality debate show telecasting debate with topic like Vijay fans vs Ajith fans, everyone is waiting to watch on 15-01-2016 at 9am in vijay TV. Before this vijay TV tried to take this debate but some dispute arose between the fans those who gathered on that day for debut . But Vijay TV was trying to bring its best, and now they came out with this on January 15, 2016.  This gonna be really interesting not only for Ajith & Vijay fans But for all movie fans.

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Ajith fans & Vijay fans on Neeya Naana

Vijay fans are sitting on one side and Ajith fans are sitting on other side and they are sharing why the like their hero very much. Its great to see that how much affection those fans have towards their heros. And they also share the good things they follow that as been told by the actor in the movies. We can find only males in this show We are not sure why female are not included and why Vijay tv planned like this. Maybe its for TRP or some other reason is a question mark.

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During Neeya Naana shooting of Vijay fans and Ajith fans

During the shooting of Ajith & vijay fans on Neya Nana its has been told that the shoot has been delayed because of small misunderstanding between the debaters. Anyhow they happily joined together since they all are great fans of movies and have more respect for their hero.

In twitter the topic became trending on the shoot day of Ajith/ Vijay fans show.

Ajith fans & Vijay fans Neeya Naana on Pongal

This show is only to, why people like Vijay or Ajith? What’s the reason? How much love or respect people have for them? is the only reason to shoot debate show with them like this. Everyone is eagerly waiting to watch this debate show Neeya Naana in Vijay TV, wait and watch it on 15-01-2016.

Punch Dialogue:

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At some point they share the most famous and powerful dialogue which they like most. So Vijay fans shares dialogues like

  • Nee aadicha piece su Na aadhicha Masss da, 
  • Oru dhadava mudivu panita en pecha nanae kekka matan and
  • Shivan illama shakthi illa aana indha shakthi illama vennum illa.
  • On the other side Ajith fans share
  • Odambhula kai irukum kal irukum mukum irukum muli irukum aana uyri irukkadhu,
  • Ennaku nanban iruka yendha thakudhiyum vendam aana ethiriya irukka oru thakudhi vennum.

Fans share these dialogue with more enthusiasm.

About Flop Movies:

Feeling of real fans are captured How they feel When their hero doesn’t came up good. When they share that they feel very bad for a week & some get upset even for month.

It really stun normal fans by knowing that How much they love their hero and How much they spend for each movie.



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