Nayanthara with Shivakarthikeyan in two upcoming movies

Nayanthara and Shivakarthikeyan are acting together in two upcoming movies in Mohan Raja and Vignesh direction. This was so great because this is the first movie they are acting together. Audience are so excited to see how their chemistry came out in their upcoming movies.

Nayanthara and Shivakarthikeyan’s combination:

Now, Nayanthara was so busy in her four upcoming movies Idhu nama aalu, Thirunal, Kashmora, Tik Tik Tik tamil movies and one more movie in telgu. After completing all these movies, Nayanthara was signed the project in Mohan Raja’s direction with Shivakarthikeyan, for the first time Nayanthara and Shivakarthikeyan are acting together. Audience was so excited to see both of them together in the screen. In this new movie, Nayanthara having an important role than she had in Thani oruvan movie. Thani oruvan movie is also directed by Mohan raja, in that movie Nayanthara thinks she was given less important to her than hero, so Mohan raja decided to give equal importance to hero and heroine.


Nayanthara becoming Producer to her own movie:

After finishing movie in Mohan Raja direction, Nayanthara and shivakarthikeyan combination is continuing again in the next movie in Vigneshwaran’s direction. This is great news because Nayanthara and Shivakarthikeyan doing back to back movies. And the main interesting news was for this upcoming movie with Vigneshwaran and Shivakarthikeyan,  Nayanthara is producer. Shooting for this movie would be starting on May 12th, 2016. Lets see how this combination of Nayanthara and Shivakarthikeyan works.

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