Kabali teaser going viral then 24 movie Reservation

Kabali Movie Teaser is out now. Watch Kabali official movie teaser and Know the Kabali Teaser review. After releasing the video its gonna viral in social media like facebook and twitter. Kabali teaser video got a lot of views and got 1 million like in 1 hour in youtube. Hype for Thalaivar kabali movie is as expected. Waiting for kabali trailer with much expectation. kabali teaser review- overview

Kabali Teaser Review- Overview:

Super Star Rajinikanth Look is similar to Basha where he comes as a don. Delivering the dialogue with Pakka mass and energy. Santhosh Narayanan have done brilliant work We can find it from the awesome BGM. And Thalaivar telling “Kabaliii Daaa” dialogue is more powerful and Masss.

24 Movie reservation talk in Social Media:

Suriya’s 24 movie is about to release in this week. Where 24 movies songs and release has been going viral in social media for past few days. But after Kabali teaser everybody started talking about Kabali Movie and the hype seems great to Thalaivar Movie rather suriya’s 24.

Suriya’s 24 movie is sci fic movie and it have created a great expectation in Tamil cinema audience which gonna rock the screens from this weekend. Reservation for this movie starts from 4-5-2016 (May 4th) So normal cinema fans will come back and starts to discuss about suriya film. Suriya’s movie 24 seems to be not releasing  in the few theaters as same as Theri movie (which was not released in  chengalpattu district)  and the issue is because of a problem between Kalaipuli S Thanu and theater distributors.

Kabali Teaser released in Malaysia:

Kabali Teaser was released in Tamil two weeks back first and now Kabali released in Malaysia two days back in Facebook, in two days the video was viewed by 2 Lakhs people and also 9000 people shared this in Facebook, this was really a great news because Tamil hero Rajinikanth was famous throughout the world. It is a huge response from the public, each and everyone from youth generation to old generation are waiting for Kabali movie. But in Tamil, the teaser was released in You-Tube first then it came out in Videotape and in television, so totally the teaser was viewed by 3million people.

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Kabali Vs 24 Movie :

One on one comparison between Kabali and 24. compare kabali vs 24 and know which is best.
kabaliVS24 kabali teaser review- overview

You can compare any two movies here and know which have good rating, review etc.

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