Kabali Overseas Review audience response

Kabali Review from Audience. Movie released overseas and got mixed reviews. First of all Kabali movie created much expectation among movie lovers and Thalaivar Rajini fans. So if you watch the movie with much expectation You will definitely get disappointed. Because the hype level is too great.

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Kabali Overseas Review audience response

Kabali movie is not all about mass. In the beginning itself we will get through few emotional scenes between Super star Rajninkanth and his wife. Overseas review of Kabali is little disappointing it might be because of over-hype of Kabali teaser and trailer. Lets see how Tamil audience review for Kabali gonna comes after few shows on first day of movie release.

Gangster Movie. Where Rajini support for Tamilian in the movie. From trailer We can understand all the audience expected this to be a pakka mass entertainer. But its come more as Ranjith’s movie Rather Super star Rajini movie, Its good to see Rajini in little different role and acting. So All felt little mass in kabali film. But sure Rajinth screenplay did the magic. Live audience review and in different mix So one cannot come to conclusion based on online review of Kabali Movie.  But watching movie on first day with fans and movie lovers will definitely entertain you.

Kabali first day review

Kabali first day review


Kabali Review: Thalaivar Performance at peak.

In each and every scene Thalaivar style and performance are outstanding. The supporting cast also too good. Radhika apte acting and scenes are too good. Nasar comes for few scenes but he got rocking role.

Twitter review of Kabali:

#Kabali boring and clichéd. Only thing exciting about the film is the two teaser we saw million times. magizhchi.

#Kabali | Style and substance. Quite good until now. More a Ranjith film than a Rajini film. #Interval

#Kabali Review: A honest Gangster Thriller 3/5. Director wanted to make a Hollywood/Hong Kong thriller in India, will people like it?

#Kabali Poor crime subject with worst screnplay..Many twists interval scene but worst!!! Better than vani rani serial


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