Enakku Innoru per irukku songs review

Enaku inoru per irukku is an upcoming Action Comedy Tamil movie. Movie expected to be in similar genre like Nanum rowdy dhan movie. Enakku Innoru per irukku songs review- Songs of this movie has been released recently after successful release of its teaser. Check out the songs review.

Watch Enaku innoru per irukku Official Teaser:

Enakku Inoru per iruku is a upcoming movies, G V Prakash plays the main role and Directed by Sam Anton. Sam Anton also directed darling movie in which G V prakash plays the main role.

Enakku Innoru per irukku songs review :

G V Prakash has composed all the songs for this movie and importantly He sang all the songs in enaku inoru per iruuku movie. Below is the list of Enakku Innoru per irukku songs review.

Dance With Me – G V Prakash, Priyanka           3/5

Kannai Nambathe –  G V Prakash, Gana Bala   3.6/5

Myma  – G V Prakash Kumar                                2.7/5

Thathlakka – G V Prakash, Grace Karunas         2.5/5

Theme Music.                                                           3/5

Enakku Innoru per iruku songs list with rating for each track and short review.

Dance with Me is a peppy Song. Good music normal song to listen and relax.

Kannai Nambathe Song- It is remix song. Lyrics are modified according to current generation and Music is really good in this song. Super Gana song.

MyMa-  Myma song start good then slowly the lyrics getting repeated and boring. Music is too good with way it start as “Hey Myma Hey Myma”.

In teaser You can notice Myma is the main villain like a don for that area and G V wants to become the next Myma.

Thathalakka– It is a pretty good song. Normal lyrics and normal music.

Theme  Good Theme music with a powerful Basha Dialogue. “En per Manikam Enaku innoru per irukku” In thalaivar Rajinikanth Style.


Overall Rating for Ennaku innoru per irukku song is  2.6 /5


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