Comparison between Miruthan and Sethupathi movie

Below is the one on one comparison between Miruthan and Sethupathi movie., Sethupathi vs miruthan which was released on same date 19th feb, 2016. Lets see which movie came out well as expected and which is best. Best on audience review and fans rating this comparison made. Which is best Miruthan or Sethupathi? keep reading.

Miruthan Vs Sethupathi Comparison

Check the rating comparison of Miruthan vs sethupathi.

Vijay sethupathi’s movie also released on the same date of Miruthan’s release. Sethupathi movie is an normal story about one policeman-Vj sethupathi, who faces problem in his life and also about his cute family story. The main script in Sethupathi is about, the policeman who feels guilty about not helping the people who suffer a lot by one villian in madurai, later vijay sethupathi will take revenge to kill the villian is the story. By comparingĀ  Miruthan vs Sethupathi movie, Both are in same levels.



Miruthan, the zombie movie which was released on February 19th, 2016. This was the first zombie movie in Tamil movie, which was directed by Rajan. The movie was good as expected because the movie is less in action and thriller scenes and more scenes in love, humor and romance. So people was so excited to watch this movie. But Miruthan was not upto Thani oruvan movie level, is just an simple movie with simple story. Probably it will be the experience for Kollywood movie because it is the first zombie movie, next zombie movie will hit the screen for sure.

Verdict of Miruthan vs sethupathi- Both the movies are about a normal story, Miruthan and Sethupathi both are in same level. Because nothing new in both movies. Rating is around 2.5/5 star in both the movies. By comparing Miruthan and sethupathi movie, no change because both are in same level.

Tamil movie comparison. Compare any two movies and know which is good.

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