Baagupaali- The best film

Baagupali is an New movie which has been released this week in Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu, it is running successfully in all the theaters. Not only in our country, throughout the world Within four days the Baagupali movie earned more than 160 cores throughout the world. This is not happen so easily in cinema industry. Because, if within four days it reached 160 cores, Surely it will earn 200 cores within six days. This will not happen so easily in Kollywood. Baagupalli movie will won many awards and also it will win THE BEST FILM award. This is usually will happen in Hollywood, but for the first time it is happening in kollywood movie.


Baagupali is an historical story. Usually audience will enjoy comedy and romantic film. For the first time historical theme story covers the heart of the audience and now it is the best film . No movie can compete with Baagupali movie. If this hit goes on, Baagupali movie would earn 500 cores.

In this period, every director are giving same stories like comedy, romantic etc. But after so many move Baagupali movie came out as The best film. Baagupali movie does not attract only Tamil people, all over the, all people are enjoying this movie.


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