2 million followers for Actor Vijay Antony in Twitter

Vijay Antony received great response from the public for his true Hardwork:

Everyone knows Vijay Antony as Music director and play back singer from Sukkran movie, after his release of first movie Naan he become very popular in Kollywood. And he got many chances in as hero and he start continued to act as hero in few movies. Out of all this movies, his recent movie “Pichaikaran” he earned so many positive respond from audience not only in film. He, himself ¬†got huge response in Twitter, Facebook and so many. And now he got 2m followers on Twitter, this not simple matter, Vijay antony totally earned this out of his creativity and Hard work. N oone can compensate their time and leisure in two carrier, he is only person who can do music as well as acting.


Vijay Antony – his all is appreciation is only because of Pichaikkaran movie. It is an simple story which extracts the real life of human being. Pichaikkaran movie was directed by Sasi and in that movie also movie was composed by Vijay Antony. Mostly in all his movie, he only be the music director, so he earned great response from the audience.

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