Jurassic world- The unknown facts

Jurassic world is a English series directed by Colin Tevorrow. Fourth part of Jurassic world movie has been released last week. The new dinosaurs in this part as Indominus rex. Indominus rex is a big dinosaurs, which plays lead role in the movie. The unknown facts-  Directed decided not to give usual sequence in the jurasic world movie, so he didn’t shoot in universal studio.  they started the shooting was started in Louisiana  it was so attractive and interesting.


Story line- After 22 years dinosaurs Jurassic park theme has been failed. Then after studying genetics, scientist again starting the Jurassic park, but that gone so bad. Will our heroes overcome the problem or not?? This is the climax??

Jurassic world movie received positive reviews from the audience. It is a perfect and entertaiment movie. We can enjoy the full movie without any boring feeling.

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